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July 24-29 will be a week to remember in Mariehamn. Not only because it is during the exuberant high season on Åland or because Rockoff is making its mark on the central part of the town. And not only for the many tourists visiting the islands to enjoy their sunny wheather, the sea, culinary arts or the countless disc golf courses.

July 24th marks the beginning of the disc golf week featuring the Euro Tours Master divisions on the freshly cut fairways on Vesterkalmare DGP, and an overlap with the Amateur tournament on beautiful Soltuna DiscGolfPark.

During July 27-29 you get to enjoy world class disc golf – that's when the Open divisions kick off at Vesterkalmare DiscGolfPark. Two fields that features world class players along side some of the best european players out there. 

If you are planning to visit the courses and the event, this page can offer some insight and practical information. We will do our best to give players and spectators the best time possible during your stay!

VIP passes

Spectators enter the tournament areas for free. But you also have the oppurtunity to purchase VIP passes that means you get to follow the leader card from pole position, access to the VIP area where the players are and get 15% on Åland Open products.

Go HERE to view the different VIP options.

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MPO and FPO start their first round on Thursday the 27th, and the final rounds are played on Saturday the 29th.


FPO, with some of the best european players, will hve the lead card teeing off around 10 am all three days.

The MPO field contain the sixth most 1000-rated players in european history and will start the lead card action around 5 pm all three days.

All details and teetimes will be published closer to the event.

Aside from the tournament there is a lot to experience.


  • We are planing for a practice round with Eagle McMahon for you to spectate. More information will be released later.


  • Later the same day (6-8 pm) disc golf legend Scott Stokely will host a clinic on the Backeberg sport ground. You can sign up in the Facebook event HERE.

You can view a mor detailed schedule HERE. Keep in mind that this might be subject to change.


There is a strict non smoking policy around theVesterkalmare area. This prohibition applies for everyone: Players, staff and spectators.


Here are a couple of more rules, or norms, that we expect you to observe while visiting the tournament arena:

  • Safety first. Pay attention to the players when they throw – especially if you are close to the fairway. Be careful of how you move around the corse and keep focus on the surroundings.

  • Show consideration. Don-t step on the fairways unless it is an area organised and supervised by staff. Pay attention requests from the staff and to areas marked as off limit for spectators. Do not disturb players during tournament play – be quiet during throws and try to move as little as possible if you are in a players field of vision. Don't us flash if you take photos, and mute your devices.

  • Respect the course and the environment. Use the designated parking areas, stay away from people's backyards. Respect the course and the equipment and the natural environment around the course. Bring your trash to the trash cans.

  • Be patient. Don't initiate interaction with a player during his or her rounds. Ask for autographs after the round is over. 

And finally: Welcome to Vesterkalmare and Åland Open! We hope you enjoy it.

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